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Woah! First of all… sit down and listen.


You just can’t come to my blog to tell me what I can or I can not do.

Um… Seriously? sweetheart, go and find the ratings.. they’re sinking like the Titanic. They keep dropping. This season is the worst!! It’s not only about Stalia but that’s obviously the main reason.

  1. Everyone wanted Allison’s funeral and what Jeff did? He just did the the opposite of what we wanted.
  2. We wanted more scenes between Stiles and Derek and what Jeff did? Yes, the opposite again.
  3. We wanted Stydia and what Jeff did? Stalia.
  4. We wanted a good storyline for Danny and what Jeff did? Kick he out of the show.

And then Crystal, Daniel and the twins left and they put Shelley as a regular after 2 episodes… sorry but even Ian deserved more.

At first, I had very high expectations because I knew her character had potential. A girl who has lived most of her life as a coyote and had to learn to be human, etc. I was okay with her until Eichen House, she punched Stiles and then they did the unnecessary sex scene in the dirty basement of a mental health facility.

Malia became nothing more, but an other love interest for Stiles and that piss me off. What is she doing on the show? Nothing but annoy everybody and kiss Stiles and that’s only why she gets more screen time. Yeah, wow, she’s a very well written character.

I started to really hate dislike her at the 4x01 when she wanted to leave Lydia for death in Mexico. Everyone says that she’s loyal to the pack when she’s not. She’s selfish and rude. She wanted to leave to save her ass (4x01/4x06). Then, she just was ”trying to help” Lydia just to know if the killers would ”cut off her head” and when she found out how many money she was worth, she was happy because the murderers would go after Scott and Kira and not after her. She wanted to dance and get drunk instead of helping Scott to save people. Woah, yeah, so loyal.

I won’t respect your abusive and toxic OTP. 

”Malia’s very aggressive. She’ll physically grab him, and that means she loves him, as opposed to brushing his face with her hands. She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love.”

Ugh, this is disgusting. Shelley told it TWICE. The way in which Malia shows her love to Stiles is by hitting him and you guys see that as a good thing. Okay, yes, I get that Malia was a coyote for most of her life and I also get that she needs a great deal of time to become adjusted to living life as a human. What I don’t get is why the writers are insisting on pushing her into a romantic relationship with Stiles so quickly. The above quote is so dangerous in that it implies that violence can be used to express love, which is definitely not even remotely true, even if the perpetrator is apparently unaware that it is wrong. If this is the case with Stalia, then there is nothing romantic or healthy about Stiles and Malia’s relationship.

I don’t care if Stydia or Sterek are canon or not. I just want Stiles to be happy but what you have to undestand is that no one in a toxic relationship is happy. I was in one and It didn’t ended very well.

Goodbye, anon.


Yup. Stalia is basically a perfect example of an abusive relationship, both physical (the whole shoving him around and leaving marks on his back) as well as psychological (notice how he practically SHRINKS when she growls at him in the classroom) and it’s disgusting how people call it “cute”. It’s people like this who make victims of abuse believe IT’S OK, THIS IS LOVE! They think it’s alright to be pushed around, blamed and poked at because everyone tells them it’s FUCKING CUTE! The bruises are the the proof of affection, right!?

I will never be ok with how the show, which helped me through the darkest moments with how it used to promote positive values like love, friendship, family, bravery, selflessness and loyalty, is now throwing all I’m trying to forget about BACK IN MY FACE! I can’t even enjoy the scenes with my fav character anymore because she’s usually around and I can’t stand looking at them together.

I’m sorry for ranting but I seriously can’t stand it anymore. I never had anything against Malia or Stalia, as we knew she was supposed to be Stiles’ new LI, but what are they doing with it is literally disgusting.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg with what is wrong with this show right now. What kind of message are they sending to all those teenagers (who became their target audience now after they decided they don’t need the fandom anymore) who look up to it huh?


For lizponce, who gave me #20 when I asked for a number in the meme. Sorry it’s just a quick crappy sketch. Click for bigger. 


For lizponce, who gave me #20 when I asked for a number in the meme. Sorry it’s just a quick crappy sketch. Click for bigger. 

Derek Hale and the Healing Rod

This is for Regan because I love her :)


"So basically what you’re saying is that the population of Beacon Hills thinks your dick has magic healing abilities and all those people," Stiles made a wavy gesture towards a general vicinity of what’s outside Derek’s loft. "started camping around your place in hope you’ll grace them with 5 minutes of your precious time and cure their conditions. With your healing rod. Am I getting this right?"

Stiles really wanted to keep a straight face but it took one look at Derek’s haunted expression to have him howling with laughter.

Oh this was precious, this was great. Stiles didn’t really know what to expect when Derek shot him a text telling him to come over asap. Something to do with his newly recovered wolfy powers maybe? Return of yet another dead person (or creature)? Anything really but this.

"How did those people even come up with this? And how do they know where you live?"

"I’m guessing Braeden." Derek’s scowl deepened. "She was the last person I… She probably wanted to get back at me for… things."

"Braeden? The bad ass mercenary Braeden? Really Derek?"

Of course it takes one hot chick who couldn’t be trusted to make Derek stop thinking with the right head.

"Oh my god! Haven’t you learnt yet that thinking with your dick brings nothing but trouble!? Braeden? How was it a good idea to fuck someone who kills for money!? She’d sell you in a heartbeat!! What’s with you and your shitty taste in women!?"

"Yeah!? Like you’re the one to talk Stiles! How about we talk about you fucking Peter’s daughter of all people!? Like she’s any better!!"

"At least she cares!!"

"So is that all it takes? For someone to show you a little bit of attention!?"

"Shut up! You probably have no idea how it feels like Mr Everyone-Wants-To-Ride-My-Disco-Stick! Not everyone has people lining up to get some action!! Newsflash! Some of us never get what they want!!"

"So you settle down for anything you can get!?"

"What’s wrong with that!?"

"So if I told you I wanted you right now, does it mean you’ll just jump straight in the sheets with me!? Just like that!?"

"Fuck you! You don’t get to throw it back in my face like this! I’m finally moving on and… How dare you!? I hate you so, so much, you bastard!!"

"Moving on?"

"Do you get a fucking kick out of it or something!? Little, pathetic Stiles panting after the big bad wolf!!! Is that what it is!?"

"What are you even talking about right now!? Can you please start making sense!?"

"You know very well what I’m talking about!!! How can you not know!? You’re a werewolf!! You can sense these things!! Not like I wasn’t obvious anyway!!!"

"Obviously not so fucking obvious!! I still have no idea what you’re talking about!!"

"Oh my god, are you serious!? Even Scott noticed! Fucking Scott, who doesn’t notice anything!! Ever!! Oh my fucking god!!"

"Notice WHAT!?"

"That I’m in love with you moron!!"


"I wasn’t even trying to hide it!! Why do you think I kept coming to your stupid loft every fucking day!!"

"I thought you had a thing for Cora!!"

"Yeah! For like total of 5 seconds! And you wanna know why!? Because she reminded me of you!!"

"She’s nothing like me!"

"Oh yeah!? Scowly, violent, emotionally constipated and stupidly attractive! Rings a bell!?"

"I’m not violent!"

"The dent in my jeep’s steering wheel says otherwise!!"

"It was one time Stiles and you deserved it! It wasn’t even that hard! I’d never hurt you!! Is that how you see me!? Scowly and violent!?"

"Oh my god are you even listening to me!? Haven’t we established that I’m fucking in love with you, you idiot!? You’re like the bravest and most selfless person I know!! You hide behind that frown of yours but you’re not fooling anyone! You’re always the first one to sacrifice yourself for everyone!!! You think you’re a fucking werewolf superhero!!??"

"Oh yeah!? What about you then!? Always rushing head on whenever someone is in danger!! You’re human!!! You don’t heal like we do!! One time you’re going to get yourself killed!! Do you have any idea how it felt to come back and find out you’re being possessed by some fucking demon!? With everyone being resigned to just kill you off!? I was ready to fight everyone for you!!"

"Why do you even care!?"

"Because I’m in love with you too!!"

"You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!"

"Is it really so hard to believe!? You’re fucking amazing and I wish you could see that!! You deserve so much better than this violent bitch!!"

"Why didn’t you say anything!?"

"I only just realised after we’ve left!!"

"But you came back!!"

"You were with Malia!!"

"To get over you!!!"

"How was I supposed to know that!?"

"Why are we still yelling at each other!?"

"I don’t know!!"



They stood there panting for a while, chests heaving, just staring at each other while coming down from the rush of their shouting match.

Of course it was Stiles who eventually broke the silence.

"So my throat got a little bit sore after all this shouting and I hear you can do something about it?" He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows for good measure.

"I take everything back. You’re terrible."

"No take backs. You’re stuck with me now." Stiles grinned cheekily and wrapped his arms around Derek’s neck. "Because you looooove me."

"I honestly have no idea why." Derek rolled his eyes but he was smiling. As much as Stiles enjoyed the sight he had other plans for this mouth.


Few hours later.

"Just out of curiosity, what was Braeden trying to get back at you for?"

Derek mumbled something into the pillow.

"Um, can you speak up please? Some of us don’t have super hearing."

"I moaned out your name!"

Stiles laughed so hard he actually fell out of bed.


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sketch #2


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