You will never destroy my ships with your canons!!! xD

I didn’t get the chance to make a fun Halloween edit, but apparently all I ever do in fandom is shop Sterek in ridiculous outfits anyway ;D  

Happy Halloween!

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Twitter project for Dylan O'Brien's Fanbook


Hey everyone!

I want to make my Dylan Fanbook to be really awesome so got this idea to dedicate around 2 pages for short twitter messages as I realise not everyone is into writing letters :)

On April the 19th I want you to tweet your appreciation hash-tagged #WeLoveDylan and show him how…

Reminder to everyone who wants to say something to Dylan O’Brien!!!! :) tomorrow!!!

Anonymous asked: they're selling "Sterek" tshirts at AlphaCon. They really love Sterek over there, dont they


Well they’ll definitely be making loads of cash ;) - of course they love sterek 

  • "sterek all the way" - Dylan O’brien 

I swear I want everyone who buys the hoodie on the day to wear it and take a big sterek group photo!

- The sterekers

I made porn xD

So yet another manip I committed because of Womble…

Enter at your own risk - definitely NSFW!

Although I kinda suck at this… pun intended xD

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Crystal Reed + Holland Roden

“Crystal and I have to stick together and represent the female presence on our very male dominated set and show.” 

“I'm glad Holland is with me (on Teen Wolf) because I need some sort of outlet, but it's fun. She's great. ”

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So yeah… panties :)
This is for Womble as it’s her fault pffft xD

So yeah… panties :)

This is for Womble as it’s her fault pffft xD

Anonymous asked: Hobrien are always kept apart on purpose. On Wolf Watch there actually was no control over them cause they just acted like they're used to around each other. Carpet appearances and so on are strictly scheduled though. Also, we know that Hoechlin doesn't pretend around Dylan and it'd drift off into their own 2 men show in the blink of an eye. But you know the saying, where there's smoke there's also fire. But we can look forward to AlphaCon!


I wonder why they were separated, it can obviously go by casual viewers but it doesn’t go by us, those passionate ones who love their interactions with one another. 

I’m honestly looking forward for AlphaCon - just all the hobrien that could come out of it. We had 20minutes of wolf watch and it was insane!